Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management

To succeed in today’s complex business environment requires a dependable, flexible, efficient and scalable technology infrastructure that is focused on your bottom line and designed for where your business is headed tomorrow, not just where you are today.

Trimara’s comprehensive range of infrastructure management solutions are designed to keep our customers operating at peak performance and focused on enabling tomorrow’s business objectives while minimizing capital requirements today. Our services include:

  • Network management.
  • End-user and desktop management.
  • Data and database management.
  • Redundancy and disaster recovery planning.

Why Businesses Choose Trimara

Why do our customers choose Trimara? Here are just a few reasons – feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to share more reasons why you should choose us for all of your technology needs. Also, be sure to check out the Trimara Advantage page for great cost reduction strategies that we enable for our clients.

  • Focus on cost reduction. We realize that your IT dollars have to be spent wisely. Each year, we assist our clients in creating an annual technology plan that focuses on the business objectives to be achieved and how these objectives translate to technology requirements and necessary investments.
  • On-site support presence. We specialize in creating low cost support plans that provide for a dedicated and regular on-site support presence. For substantially less cost that hiring an in-house support person, our clients enjoy a regular support presence that is backed by a dedicated and highly skilled team. Gone are the days of figuring out how you’re going to provide coverage for your lone in-house support person when they go on holiday or relying on the break-fix service plans offered by most providers.
  • Superior service. Quality of service is of the utmost importance to us – it’s the key to our success and what keeps our customers coming back to us year after year.
  • Flat rate service plans. Predictable service rates help our customers establish an annual budget for their technology needs knowing that there won’t be any surprises as their demand changes throughout the year. The preferred model for most of our clients is to establish a fixed annual budget that provides for end-to-end technology management. Whether it’s infrastructure management, overseeing the development of a new system or working through the weekend to bring a new system online, the flat-rate plan covers it all.