The Problem Trimara Solves

The Problem Trimara Solves

Medium size businesses have a choice – they can hire an in-house IT person or they can engage a technology partner like Trimara to work with them. Although in-house staff may seem like an attractive option at first, having one in-house IT person presents some difficult problems.

  • What will you do when your IT person wants to take vacation? Assuming that they’re gone for two weeks, what would it mean to your business if your server was down for a few days?
  • What will you do if your IT person becomes ill? What if they go out on long-term disability?
  • What will you do if your IT person quits taking all of the knowledge of your IT systems with them?
  • If you hire a junior IT person, will they be able to handle the more difficult technology problems that your business will face? What if the server dies and needs to be re-built? Will they know how to create a disaster recovery plan for your business? How about planning for a major system migration?
  • How will you capitalize on any down time that your IT person has? If you intend to put them on another IT project like creating a web solution for your business, is there someone in your organization that has the skills necessary to direct them if they get stuck?

Trimara vs. In-House IT Support

The Trimara model solves all of these problems.

Multiple support agents, 24×7.

With Trimara your company has a support team that consists of a multiple support agents who are always available to answer any of the typical questions that occur on a day-to-day basis and provide higher-level technical guidance when required. In addition to having the right technical people at your disposal, this arrangement also eliminates the problems associated with one technical resource going on vacation or becoming sick and there is always a support agent on call for emergencies.

Lower cost.

Partnering with Trimara to fill your in-house support needs is actually cheaper than hiring your own employee. If you hire your own employee, you’ll probably need an intermediate resource to provide the level of service your business needs. You’ll also have to worry about benefits, vacation, sick leave, employment insurance and all of the other extras that take away from your bottom line. With Trimara you pay one fixed price every year for a full-time support team and you don’t have to worry about vacation or sick leave.

Transition Planning

Are you interested in switching to a managed service like Trimara’s but you already have someone in-house? Don’t worry, we’ve encountered this before and we can work with you to develop a plan that will allow you to transition to our service without needing to let go of your in-house staff.